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Are Halogen Bulbs The Right Choice For Your Home

Are Halogen Bulbs The Right Choice For Your Home


halogen bulbsHalogen bulbs are a type of light bulb that comes in various shapes and sizes and is part of a group of light bulbs called incandescent. This type of bulb uses halogen gas and tungsten to create the light inside the bulb and is known to last far longer than other type of incandescent bulb. The life expectancy of a Halogen bulb is around 2,500 hours or approximately 3 years.
What are Halogen Bulbs Used For
Due to the bright light that these bulbs produce, halogen lights are used for a number of different uses including:
•    Flashlights
•    Aircraft running lights
•    Car headlights
•    Dimming lights
•    Grow lights for plants
•    Porch lights
•    Reading lights for homes and offices
There are several other uses for these bulbs as well.
Cost Comparison Between Halogen Bulbs and Other Incandescent bulbs
Many people hesitate to purchase Halogen bulbs over other types of incandescent light bulbs halogen bulbsmainly because these bulbs cost 4 times as much as other bulbs sell for. However, when you consider an ordinary incandescent light bulb produces far less light for the same amount of electricity, and it’s life span is normally anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, the Halogen light turns out to be cheaper over the long run.
This doesn’t mean that everyone who wants to save money will buy or even like using a halogen light. These bulbs may produce a brighter light, but the light lacks the warmth of other incandescent bulbs and therefore many people simply feel as though they are in a more sterile and cold environment than when using other incandescent bulbs to light their home. So for those looking for a warm and welcoming ambiance for their homes the Halogen light simply is not the light of the choice.
Disadvantages of Halogen Bulbs
Although Halogen light bulbs have several advantages they have some disadvantages as well. To begin with, although the light they cast are appears cool rather than warm, these bulbs are extremely hot and so can in some cases present a fire danger if they are placed in a lamp to close to a curtain or even a wall. These lights should never be left on in an empty room due to the possibility of fire.
In addition these bulbs do not reach full brightness the moment they turn on, but rather need time for the halogen gas to work with the tungsten. They also don’t go out the moment you turn them off, but rather the light fades as the gas that has been released is used up. This can be highly annoying to some people.
For some people using Halogen lights in some parts of their home, and other incandescent bulbs in the rest of their homes makes more sense. For example, using these brighter bulbs in reading lamps and in areas such as sewing rooms where brighter light works well, where as using other incandescent bulbs for watching television or in the dining room may proved to work better.
In the end, it is all a matter of determining whether halogen bulbs are right for your needs or not.

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