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Amazing Lighting World: Facts about LED Light Fixtures

Amazing Lighting World: Facts about LED Light Fixtures

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Many people are considering changing their traditional incandescent and fluorescent bulbs into LED light fixtures when having home renovation. But there are still many people who don’t have a clue of this relatively new technology. A better understanding of LED light fixtures can help you find the most suitable light fixtures to satisfy particular uses. Therefore, we are going to explain several technological terms about LED light fixtures in the following.

How Energy-Efficient Are LED Light Fixtures?
Most home owners primarily worry about their electrical bills when comes to household lighting. One of the biggest advantages of LED light fixtures is that they are extremely energy-efficient, thus able to save an amazing amount of money on your electricity cost. But how energy-efficient are LED light fixtures? Here is the data: warm white LED light fixtures give off 25-44 lumens/watt while cool white increases to 47-64 lumens/watt. In comparison, incandescent light bulbs give off 10-18 lumens/watt and compact fluorescent lamps, a little bit higher, give off 25-60 lumens/watt. In other words, LED light fixtures can transform 80% of their energy into light with only 20% wasted as heat while incandescent light bulbs lose 80% of their energy as heat with only 20% being transformed into light. Therefore, though LED light fixtures are a little bit higher in prices, they are definitely going to save your money in the long term.

led light fixturesHow Flexible Are LED Light Fixtures in Design?
A single LED is quite small; therefore, LED light fixtures often consist of many LEDs combined together. This means that LED light fixtures can be made into a variety of shapes to produce corresponding lumen packages in accordance with the design goals and economic cost. What’s more, LED light fixtures contain no lead or mercury and produce no harmful emissions, thus causing no bad impact on the food, or artworks or any other delicate things being lit. Lighting Ever is dedicated to providing high-quality LED light fixtures, including LED light bulbs, ceiling lights, outdoor lighting and many other LED products.