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Amazing a surge in the LED stage lighting industry

Amazing a surge in the LED stage lighting industry


led stage lightingThere has been amazing a surge in the LED stage lighting industry over the recent years. Most big stage lighting firms have focused their efforts on LED stage lighting marketing due to cost, effectiveness and adaptability, so even holders big or small can feel the benefits. Even if you have a comfortable system of older fashioned lighting you may want to consider the benefits of LED stage lighting.
LED (Light Emitting Diode) tech is rapidly overriding the old traditional ‘tungsten based lighting, but why?
Longevity. LEDS can last up to tens of thousands of hours with no flickering or dimming, compared to tungsten halogen bulbs.
Brightness. LEDS use less power but have a brighter light. The technology used and the light produced does not get filtered out and wasted.
Size matters. LEDS are able to be produced in small, compact forms. Perfect for subtle lighting, small events or strategic lighting.
Great colour. LEDS can use a RBG (red, blue, green) colour combo to create a mix of colour for easy use by a lighting designer.
Transport. LEDS are lightweight and easy to move, there is not too much in the way of hardware to led stage lightingweigh things down. LEDS can even be run by battery for less fuss and wiring.
Low heat. Unlike traditional stage lighting, LEDs produce a minimal amount of heat, keeping performers happy and cool, reducing overheating problems and increasing bulb longevity.
$$aving$! Most importantly, using LEDs keeps costs down by reducing power usage, which is such a great option for smaller shows, bands or venues that need an impressive show on a budget. LEDS have come down drastically in price since being introduced in the early 2000’s and are available to all.
LED lighting technology is also future ready, as sequence digital programming advances every day, LEDs are ready for whatever is coming due to their adaptive nature. Tungsten halogen systems will surely be rapidly phased out over the coming years.
There are only a few limitations for LED stage lighting options; they are great options but not perfect for every situation. You will want to talk to your professional stage lighting designer to work out what is the best lighting option for you.
They can guide you and design the ideal combination of LED and halogen or source charged lighting options for whatever event or venue you require.

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