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A Guide to Designing the Dining Room Lighting

A Guide to Designing the Dining Room Lighting


Dining room is a social area of the house. Therefore, designing a comfortable lighting is necessary and essential when decorating your house. Dining room lighting should be beautiful, comfortable and functional.

To create good dining room lighting, you had better use a mix of various layers of light. Today, we are going to offer you several tips on how to design comfortable dining room lighting.

1. Recessed lights

LED recessed lighting are popular choice when people create ambient lighting . You can pick several recessed lights or track lights to highlight art objects or other displays on the wall.

LED Candle Lights

2. Chandelier

You can use a chandelier suspended over the dining table as the focal point of the dining area. Chandelier could add an elegant element to your dining room. One thing you need to consider is to pick a chandelier with the right size for your ding room.

 Candle Lights

3. Pedant Light

Apart from chandelier, you could use a couple of pendant lamps over the table. They also could highlight the dining area.

4. Wall scones

At the same time, you could think about purchasing some wall scones, adding some decorative elements and romantic ambience to the room.


5. Portable lamps

As we know, chandelier is always used as the focal point of the dining area. However, if you look for more light, you could use portable lamps as well. This can help you add more light to the room.

Camping Lantern

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