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A Guide to Buying Outdoor Porch Lights

A Guide to Buying Outdoor Porch Lights


outdoor porch lightsThe right kind of lighting can help your home look more spacious and the lack of it can limit the aesthetics within too. Furthermore, this doesn’t only apply to lights within the house but also outside, like outdoor porch lights. Here’s a look at some of the things to consider when buying outdoor porch lights.
Electricity Savers
High voltage bulbs of certain kinds can create a wonderful outdoor ambience. However, with long hours of usage they will make your electricity bill shoot up. The best thing to do is look for outdoor lights that are CFL or LED based. You’ll find various kinds of bulbs and high powered lights for porch areas once you visit the store. Choose one that will be sure to help you save on electricity and not add to your bill.
Size of the Porch
You can easily go in for smaller lights if your porch is not that big. However if you live in a remote area and the porch extends all over the house, try to use high powered lights. These lights will light up a wider expanse of space and save you the trouble of installing too many lights outside.
outdoor porch lightsLong-term Purpose
Keep your long-term purpose in mind when choosing lights for both the outdoor and indoor area of your home. If you are going to plan a lot of get-togethers and host outdoor feasts, you may as well pick high quality and high powered LED lights that can light up the areas outside your home well along with the porch. If you are more prone to hosting indoor parties or not many parties, smaller single bulb LED lights in any shape you prefer may be enough for the porch.
Most home owners will opt for outdoor porch lights because it helps light up the home’s exteriors and therefore secure the home. Should you be worried about your security because of the location of your home, you may as well opt for good quality lights with more voltage and power. If you live in a relatively safe neighbourhood where your neighbours are not too far off, opting for lower voltage single bulbs placed around the porch should be enough.
Daily Use
Some people choose to use their porch to lounge around in. If you like doing so in the evenings, multiple good light bulbs that are LED based may be right for you.


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