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A Guide to a Perfect Porch, Stairs and Balcony Lighting Design


Porch, stairs and balcony are usually overlooked when people make lighting improvement. However, a good lighting condition in these areas is necessary, because these areas are always so dark, and accidents are easily happen here. Therefore, It is important to realize the importance of lighting design in porch, stairs and balcony.

Today, we are going to offer you some tips on how to build a comfortable porch, stairs and balcony lighting.

Tip 1

The priority of porch, stairs and balcony lighting design is that the light must be bright enough.

Tip 2

Besides, it is also important to build a welcoming atmosphere at the entrance.

porch lighting

Tip 3

If your balcony is open kind or semi-closed, you had better choose waterproof and dustproof lamps.

Tip 4

A LED ceiling lights is a good choice when building balcony lighting. The ceiling light will create bright and even lighting in the entire area. Another popular choice is to buy several wall scones to add light to the balcony.

Porch ceiling lighting

Tip 5

When it comes to stairs, you should make sure that every step is clearly illuminated, and the light on the stairs need to be even.

Tip 6

Avoid use spotlight on stairs, because the lighting generated by spotlight tends to cause shadows.

Tip 7

You could purchase a couple of spotlights(gu10 LED bulbs) or wall scones to highlight pictures or portraits on the wall to add some romantic atmosphere.

gu10 led bulbs

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