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A Brief Introduction to LED Headlights Bulbs  Characteristics, Types, Pros and Cons

A Brief Introduction to LED Headlights Bulbs Characteristics, Types, Pros and Cons


Everyone wants a safe drive; and, it can be created through the use of the auto parts that support safety. A safe drive is easier to be created in big cities with the presence of a good infrastructure and facilities; however, the condition is the other way around in backward areas where no sufficient lighting is found in their streets or roads. To be prepared, the use of LED headlights bulbs which produce bright, focused beam of light is something suggested. Why LED headlights bulbs? What is so special about bulbs of this type? Here is a brief introduction to LED bulbs, especially to headlight bulbs.
led headlights bulbsAn LED bulb, regardless the size, type and base, is a light-emitting diode (LED) product assembled into bulbs for use as lighting components. LED bulbs emit light in a narrow band of wavelengths, producing light of a color of the energy band gap of the semiconductor medium used to create the LED.
Use and Types
LED bulbs, for general uses, are classified into two types: white LED bulbs and Colored (monochromatic) LED bulbs. Each type is used for different uses. White bulbs are used for some applications at low power levels including solar-powered gardens, walkway lights, flashlights or bicycle lights while colored LED bulbs are used for traffic signal lamps, display lights or holiday lights. And, the headlights bulbs can be from both types.
Pros and Cons
Compared to traditional light bulbs, the headlights bulbs have some pros:
•    The bulbs are smaller.
•    The bulbs have a longer life
•    The bulbs require less energy
•    The bulbs are available in a variety of colors
•    The bulbs come in various base widths that can match any light fixtures
•    The bulbs can produce full brightness without a warm-up time
•    The bulbs are conveniently positioned for a more stylish look of cars.
However, the LED bulbs also have some cons:
•    The bulbs have a higher initial cost
•    LED dye and packaging material degradation can reduce the quality of the output
•    The bulbs do not emit all-direction lighting
•    The bulbs are highly affected by heat or high temperature
•    The bulbs are sensitive to electrical surges
•    The bulbs may flicker, based on the DC power supply built in the structure of the bulbs.
•    The bulbs require more treatments such as initial checking before installation
•    The bulbs may require supporting components such as heat sinks and cooling fans.
For the safety of your drive, LED headlights bulbs are a perfect choice. To have a high quality of LED bulbs, purchase the Energy Start certified LED bulbs. With the certification, users can ensure the light output distribution quality, color quality and 3-year warranty at the minimum.

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