Home Commercial Lighting IdeasA Brief Introduction to C9 LED Replacement Bulbs Characteristics, Types, Pros and Cons
A Brief Introduction to C9 LED Replacement Bulbs  Characteristics, Types, Pros and Cons

A Brief Introduction to C9 LED Replacement Bulbs Characteristics, Types, Pros and Cons


Christmas is coming! People start adorning their houses, gardens and cars. And, C9 LED bulbs of all types are always included in the shopping list. This year, you might need to purchase some C9 LED replacement bulbs of different colors. Why are C9 LED replacement bulbs often used for decoration? Here is a brief introduction to the bulbs.
C9 LED bulbs are a smart alternative of traditional bulbs which comes in a variety of colors and displays. These bulbs replace the use of traditional bulbs for decoration for its small, attractive and colorful design. The bulbs are always the no.1 bulbs preferred for either indoor or outdoor uses.
c9 led replacement bulbsC9 LED bulbs are a popular choice for decoration. Besides being favorite bulbs for indoor or outdoor decorations, the bulbs can also be a part of Christmas tree decorations. People can also decorate their outline roofs, fence lines, line walkways, or driveways by using these bulbs for a more cheerful look of house. The use of the colorful bulbs can be combined with the use of synchronized music. Added with spools and stringers, people can create custom light strings that are power-saving.
Like other LED bulbs, these bulbs come in a wide variety of colors and displays. In the term of display, there are steady, twinkle and color changing bulbs. In the term of color, these bulbs are available in white (clear), red, purple, pink, green, gold, blue, amber, multicolor and themed bulbs. For more advanced selections, people can choose one from deluxe faceted C9 bulbs, smooth C9 bulbs, dimmable C9 bulbs, deluxe dimmable C9 bulbs, or opaque C9 LED bulbs.
Pros and Cons
Here are some of the pros:
•    The bulbs are bold and beautiful
•    The bulbs apply energy-efficient technology of LED
•    The replacement bulbs fit standard C9 sockets
•    The bulbs have a long lifespan of 60,000 hours
•    The bulbs have virtually indestructible designs
•    The bulbs, made of epoxy plastic, are unbreakable
With the maximum pros, the bulbs seem not having any con. However, it is wise to always purchase LED products that come with Energy Star certification. Here are 3 reasons why such products are suggested:
•    The bulbs have six requirements for color to ensure the quality
•    The bulbs meet standardized light distribution requirements
•    The bulbs are packaged with lifetime claims and 3-year warranty requirement.
Do you need energy-saving bulbs for your holiday themed decoration? C9 LED replacement bulbs should always be in your list.

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