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A Basic Guide about Type A Bulb

A Basic Guide about Type A Bulb


type a bulbThe Type A Bulb is considered to be the basic and the classic type of the light bulb which is commonly used by all the people in order to serve the general purpose of lighting applications. People are using these bulbs since the 20th century. These are shaped like a pear and they have a base of Edison screw. There is a number that follows “A” in this model series and it indicates the width of these bulbs in the units of one-eighth inches. The most commonly used Type A Bulb is the A19 bulb and it is almost 60 mm wide at the widest point. It is about 140 mm in length and is 1 inch wide in the base. These bulbs have used the technology of incandescent lighting.
Incandescent light is a kind of electric light with which light is produced when the filament wire is heated to a high temperature. The heating is done by passing electric current to it and the bulb glows when the filament reaches the temperature. These lights are very beautiful and look good when it is properly decorated in the house. You will get these lights in different shapes, sizes and wattages. You can get these bulbs at an affordable price. These bulbs do not need any external equipment for regulating. They have very low manufacturing costs and thus, the selling costs are also low. These lamps are generally used in commercial and household lightings. It is also used in the portable lightings like table lamps, flashlights and car headlamps.
type a bulbThe benefit of this bulb is that this will emit the brightness immediately on lighting. It does not take much time to heat up the filament. Fluorescent lights and other lights take more time to emit the light. These bulbs produce a bit warm coloured light and it is much softer. The light appears to be less harsh. There are many new bulbs like the LED bulbs and the fluorescent bulbs yet these bulbs have not lost their importance yet.
There are many companies that manufacture the Type A Bulb and these are available in many different shapes and sizes. They have a low initial costing and provide you with better colour qualities. There are many outlets from where you can buy these bulbs. You can find out the nearest outlet in your home and order the best type A bulb. Everybody likes to stay in a place that looks good. After all, your personality is defined by the place where you live in. If you can decorate your house with these incandescent bulbs, it is bound to look beautiful. It will create a good impression on the guest who will visit your house. These bulbs are easily accessible and very popular. You just need to search for the best ones. Another option is that you can order these bulbs online also. In this case, you will get a good range of variety to select from.

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