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A Basic Guide about Ranunculus Bulbs

A Basic Guide about Ranunculus Bulbs


ranunculus bulbsRanunculus is the Latin name for a family of plants that are excellent for decoration of gardens and balconies because they have rich flowers. Ranunculus or buttercup is originally a small yellow meadow flower, but the hybrid species from the same family can be recognized by the larger, colorful flowers. Very often people grow the so-called water ranunculus which is suitable for garden ponds. With a proper LED lighting people can create a fantastic atmosphere at night, because ranunculus bulbs look amazing when they are exposed to LED light. Ranunculus bulbs look great on natural light too.
Ranunculus originates from Greece, Turkey and Iran. This garden flower can grow up to 17 inches. The width of this plant is usually around 12 inches. The leaves are blue and green. Ranunculus is used in horticulture as a cut flower and it can also serve as a beautiful element in almost any floral arrangement and bouquet.
The flowers of this plant look very similar to the ones found in peony flower and bloom in late spring or early summer. The flowers come in a variety of colors – white, orange, yellow, pink and red. After the blooming period is over you need to remove the old withered flowers because they can consume the nutritive substances for plants especially during the seed formation stage. Ranunculus mainly multiplies by bulbs. It is possible to multiply with division or seed.  Bulbs should be plant in autumn and they should be planted in a sunny place. They need drained sandy soil and a lot of moisture in the warm days. When the plant turns completely yellow, remove it from the soil. Dry the tubers and prepare them for the next seasons.
ranunculus bulbsThe proper care of ranunculus requires knowledge in possible diseases and pests that can attack this plant. The most common problems with this plant are aphids, mites and white butterfly-like aphids that attack this plant during the entire year. Diseases such as wilting can be successfully prevented by using certain fungicides. Some varieties of hybrid ranunculus are more resistant so make sure you do a proper research before buying the bulbs. Ranunculus loves moisture so make sure you water this plant regularly and thoroughly. This is especially important during the summer period when the temperature is high and the soil is dry. This plant requires frequent “feeding”, Use a liquid fertilizer every 10 days for the best results. Responsible cultivation and nutrition will give you beautiful and healthy plants that are not susceptible to diseases. Ranunculus is used for decorating flowerbeds during the spring blooming. They look very nice planted along the edge of the track as well as in pots on the patio.
As we have mentioned before every part of this beautiful plant looks interesting. In order to highlight this beauty during the night, many people use LED lighting like the one we have here at Lighting Ever. With the help of our LED lights you can point out the beautiful look of ranunculus and you can even expose the interesting form of ranunculus bulbs.

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