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9 Best High Bay LED Lighting in 2017-2018

9 Best High Bay LED Lighting in 2017-2018


High bay led lighting are typically used for the higher open areas of more than 15 feet or more, such as warehouse, supermarkets, furniture store, gyms, garages, general task areas, and many other applications.

LED High Bay Lights

High bay led lighting have many advantages: Eco-friendly, Longer Lifespan, Cost-effective, Wide range of applications etc. ( Learn more information: Choose LED High Bay Light for Your Home and Commercial )

In this paper we will discuss 9 top types of high bay led lighting. This will makes you choose the best led high bay lights for differenct lighting need.

1. 50W LED UFO High Bay Lights, 100W HPS/MH Bulbs Equiv

50W 6250lm UFO LED High Bay Lights with Philip LEDs

LE 50w led ufo high bay lights with IP65 waterproof rating, you can use it for any place where it often rains and is wet, humid, moist. Like, the connective corridor between buildings, and indoor natatorium. Replace 100W HPS (High Pressure Sodium) or MH (Metal Halide) bulb by 50W LED and save over 50% on electricity bill of lighting.

Certification: UL, RoHS

2. 60W UFO LED High Bay Light, 150W MH Bulb Equivalent

60W UFO LED High Bay Light

This waterproof IP65 60W UFO high bay light can offer bright lighting with 7200lm. Also, it can replace 150W metal halide lamp and save energy up to 60%. If you use it for general lighting, the light fits 430~516 square feet area when you mount it at 4~6m height, the illuminance can be 150 lux; while for industrial lighting, 215~258 square feet, 3~5m height, 300 lux.

Certification: CE, RoHS

3. 100W UFO LED High Bay Lighting, 200W HPS/MH Bulbs Equivalent

100W Dimmable UFO LED High Bay Lighting

This 100W UFO high bay light offers bright lighting with 10500lm/12500lm/13000lm. It can replace 200W metal halide lamp and save energy up to 50%. IP65 waterproof,

Certification: DLC, TUV, ETL, CE, UL, RoHS, CB, SAA, RCM

4. 150W UFO LED High Bay, 200W/ 250W/300W HPS/MH Bulbs Equivalent

150w led high bay

Replace 200W/ 250W/300W HPS (High Pressure Sodium) by 150W LED. These waterproof UFO high bay lights can offer bright lighting with 15750lm/18100lm/18750lm/19500lm.

Certification: UL, DLC, TUV, ETL, CE, RoHS, CB, SAA, RCM

5. 180W Dimmable UFO LED High Bay, 400W MH Bulbs Equivalent

180W 22500lm Dimmable Daylight White UFO LED High Bay

This waterproof 180w high bay lights output is over 22500lm, efficiency is over 125lm/w. Save over 50% on electricity bill of lighting. The starting time is less than 0.5s, no need to wait for warming up the lamp.

Certification: DLC, UL, RoHS

6. 200W UFO LED High Bay Light, 400W HPS/MH Bulbs Equivalent

200 watt led high bay light

LE 200w led high bay lights high efficiency output is over 25000lm(26000lm). Efficiency is over 125lm/w(130lm/w). Input voltage is 100-277 AC. They are also waterproof IP65.

Certification: UL, RoHS, DLC, TUV, ETL, CE, CB, SAA, RCM

7. 240W LED UFO High Bay Light, 500W MH Bulbs Equivalent

240W Daylight White Dimmable UFO LED High Bay Lighting

Replace 500W MH (Metal Halide) bulb by 240W LED. Save over 50% on electricity bill of lighting with IP65 waterproof rating. Output is over 30000lm.

Certification: UL, RoHS, DLC, TUV, ETL, CE, CB, SAA, RCM

8. 100W/162W/223W LED Linear High Bay Light, 225W/ 300W/450W MH Bulb Equivalent

110W 14410lm Daylight White LED Linear High Bay Light

This integrated LED linear high bay light provides 14410/21222/30105 lumens at 5000K Daylight White. Luminous efficiency is 131 LM/W. All necessary mounting hardware is included. No Ballast or Driver needed to install or replace.

Certification: CUL, DLC, UL, Lighting Fact, FCC, LM79

9. 55W/105W/185W LED High Bay Light, 150W/250W/400W HPS or MH Bulbs Equiv

105W LED High Bay Lighting Fixture

These high bay led lighting have durable housing rugged die-cast aluminum, scratch and fade resistant, excellent appearance, anti-glare lens with extremely high transmission. Shockproof and vibration proof, IP65 Waterproof, Input voltage is 90-264V.

Certification: ISO90012008, CE, C-tick, RoHS, PSE

If you want to learn more about how to select and install LED high bay light, there you can contact us and we can help.

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