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7 best outdoor floodlights

7 best outdoor floodlights


LED flood lights are used not only at the commercial level but also homeowners often use these floodlights for outdoor wall security lighting. There are many benefits of floodlights lighting up your home and yard, but most importantly, floodlights can create sufficient brightness to great replacement for old halogen lamp. Before purchase, you should choose a reliable outdoor floodlights manufacturer.

This article, we’ll tell you Lighting EVER 7 best outdoor floodlights.

1.10W Outdoor Floodlights, 100W Halogen Equivalent

10w led floodlight

LE 10w led flood lights brightness is up to 800 lumen, it comes with a metal bracket on the lamp body, allowing you to install the light flexibly, including ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted, and ground-mounted, it’s flexible enough to meet your lighting requirements. And more energy efficient than old halogen lamp, great replacement for 100w halogen flood light, saving over 90% on your electricity bill.

Energy Saving Comparison:

Category LED Traditional lamps and lanterns
Power(w) 10 35
Luminous(lm) 800 2275
Efficiency(%) 100 60
The flux output(lm) 800 1251
Life(hr) 20000 8000

2.20W Outdoor Floodlights, 200W Halogen Bulb Equivalent

20w 5000k led flood lights

This 20w waterproof floodlights up to 1600lm with over 80lm/w luminous efficiency. With fully aluminum alloy Die-casting case, this flood light has excellent heat dissipation, which effectively prolongs its lifespan, by adopting tempered glass, the panel is much more durable. In short, it’s much brighter and more durable with a simple, no-frills conventional looking fixture.

3.30W Outdoor Floodlights, 75W HPS Equivalent

30w led floodlight

This 30w led flood lights with IP65 rating, can be widely used in outdoor lighting projects as billboards, court, lawn, etc. You can also use it in your warehouse, workshop and use it as security lighting. Its brightness is up to 2400lm and saving over 65% on your electricity bill.

4.50W RGB Outdoor Floodlights

50 watt rgb led flood lights

This is dimmable remote control rgb led flood light. With the provided remote controller, you can easily change colors or modes with a press of the button, and the brightness can also be dimmed. Use this floodlights you can make a significant improvement to your celebration or party atmosphere.

5.100W Outdoor Floodlights, 400 HPS Equivalent

100W LED Floodlights

This waterproof 100w floodlights lumen output is about 10000lm, efficiency is up to 100lm/w. This light is suitable for garden, landscape, piazza, billboard, factory, gym, dock and other places where high power flood lights are needed. With a yoko-style arm, the light can be mounted vertically or horizontally. The lighting angle can be adjusted.

6.150W Outdoor Floodlights, 400 HPS Equivalent

150W LED Flood Lights

This 150w floodlights brightness is up to 16500 lumen, fully meets your lighting needs.  And no shadow, dizzy light, providing you excellent bright light. With 150°adjustable lamp body and metal bracket, it can be mounted at ceiling, wall, ground, etc.

7.200W Outdoor Floodlights, 600 HPS Equivalent

High Power 200W Outdoor Security LED Flood Lights

This floodlights up to 22000 lumen with IP65 rating, great replacement for 600W HPS (high pressure sodium), saving over 60% on your electricity bill.

Usage Recommendation:

1)General lighting: illumination area is 150-300 sq. m. with about 75-150 lux when installation height is 10-14 meters.

2)Outdoor light: illumination area is 300-450 sq. m. with about 50-75 lux when installation height is 12-16 meters.

These LED flood lights have a long life of 50,000 hours, reducing the cost of changing bulbs as well as maintenance costs.

Certainly, If you plan another lighting project in your home or commercial places, you can also find other LE LED flood lights products in our store.

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