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5 Advantages of LED Grow Light Bulbs

5 Advantages of LED Grow Light Bulbs


grow light bulbsIf you are interested in indoor gardening then you should be aware that one of the popular trends now is using LED grow light bulbs. There are lots of advantages of using grow light bulbs to grow plants indoor and in this article we will discuss some of them. Here are the most common advantages:
1.    Lightweight – Unlike the typical bulbs, LED lights are more lighter in weight and this is helpful when it comes to watering the plants or need to get your hands wet and which will requires frequent moving and removing the bulb. Besides this most LED bulbs feature a built-in-fan that helps make the actual bulbs cool instantly.
2.    Operating Cost – the major reason for using LED grow lights is the lower operating cost. Unlike Sodium/HID bulbs, the good ones available in stores consume up to 90% less electricity. Additionally, it can be used for as the main source of light generation or as a supplemental light and can last up to 6 months when constantly used.
3.    Cost of Acquiring – even though the cost of acquiring one may be pricey when compared to Sodium bulbs but the main costs often lower since it doesn’t require ballast. This helps get rid of frequent expenses for room set-up, unlike metallic vapor and fluorescent tubes that require ballast grow light bulbsto operate.
4.    Growing Period – LED’s light can be left on for up to 24 hours without causing any pressure to your plant because the Chlorophyll really don’t have any problem with unnecessary light-waves. LED lights can also be used to extend the day season of your light cycle during Winter up to 4 – 6 hours, it will help lengthen the grow season by 365 days each year.
5.    Watering – when you are using LED grow lights you won’t really need to often wet your plants because it will transpire less. If it happen you forget to water your plant or not around to wet them for few days, they stand a greater possibility of surviving hence the grow light is not generating lots of heat that can dry them up.
Here you have them the 5 Advantages of LED Grow Light Bulbs though there are more to this list like you don’t require lots of space to use LED grow lights, even in a tight space you can still use the indoor LED lighting bulbs like in your basement or apartment.

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