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3 Basic Types of Under Cabinet Lighting and Their Special Use

3 Basic Types of Under Cabinet Lighting and Their Special Use


Iunder kitchen cabinet lightingf you are looking for a way to turn a dark kitchen into a warm and welcome place then under kitchen cabinet lighting is a great way to add light and warmth to a less than bright kitchen while saving space and giving you more light on those kitchen work spaces. Here’s a brief look at some of the different types of under kitchen cabinet lighting available and the benefits of this type of lighting.
3 Basic Types of Under Cabinet Lighting
While they may come in slightly different shapes and designs there are three basic types of under cabinet lighting.
•    Puck- puck lights are normally small round or oval shaped lights that can be positioned along the bottom of your cabinet. Puck lights can be operated by a switch or simply by tapping them on and off. Led puck lights are energy efficient and can put the spot light on your kitchen counter top.
•    LED Tape Lights- LED tape lights or ribbon lights are small lights are a great way under those kitchen cabinets and provide both efficient and an inexpensive lighting solution to those darker areas where you don’t want a bulky light fixture.
•    Bar Lights- Bar lights are just what they sound like. A longer light that is bar shaped. These lights come in various different sizes and you are likely to find one that will run the entire length of the bottom of your upper cabinet. You can get purchase bar lights in both fluorescent and LED lighting options, but the LED lights tend to run cooler and last somewhat longer than the fluorescent lighting bars.
under kitchen cabinet lightingBenefits of Under Cabinet Lighting
Under kitchen cabinet lighting has many benefits for your kitchen. Let’s take a look at some of these benefits.
Adds A Welcoming Warmth to Your Room
Kitchens are often a place where the family gathers to share meals, snacks, or simply to play games and spend some time in conversation. For that reason, you want your kitchen to be warm and welcoming to everyone and lighting provides the warm and welcoming atmosphere that you want and need. Because these lights are under your top cabinets it allows you to bring light in a section of the room, that is often lacking in lamps or overhead lighting.
Provides Light to Your Working Area
Another advantage of under cabinet lighting is that it focuses light right on the area of your kitchen where it is most needed, your counter top and the main area where you do most of your work when preparing food. Having a good lighting when chopping fruits and vegetables, working the blender or food processor or other kitchen gadgets can make cooking more enjoyable as you aren’t left to work in the dark or semi darkness.
Highlighting those Special Counter tops
Of course if you have invested a great deal of money into having quartz or granite counter tops, you are going to want to highlight those counter tops and under cabinet lighting is a great way to highlight those cabinet tops that you are so proud of and adds such beauty to your kitchen décor.
With so many different types of under kitchen cabinet lighting and so many benefits of having this type of lighting, it is worth it to explore what under cabinet lighting can do for your kitchen.

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