1600lm Warm White 20W Outdoor LED Flood Lights Applications

February 10, 2018 by Sarah Longfellow


1. The Light is pretty bright. Angle of light is probably 120 degrees to 135. It does not light very far away, its not a focused beam, and is spread out. You can use it for sidewalk lighting.

LED 20w flood lights outdoor

2. Excellent lights! LED flood lights used for your fish cleaning table and are very bright!

LED Flood lights Used for fish cleaning table

3. This works perfectly as an uplight! Waterproof IP65, well constructed too, with a thick aluminum chassis. It looks great, the way it lights up the chimney brightly at the bottom and shadowy at the top looks awesome from the street.

led flood lights 20w for house

4. You can installed the lights on a boat for bowfishing. The 20w warm white light works great in all water conditions. The brackets that come with the lights are very light duty.

20w outdoor led flood lights

5.  Mounted it over your garage, and it can lights up the driveway and all the woods behind your house!

20w outdoor led flood lights daylight

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Outdoor 20W LED Floodlight

1600lm Warm White 20W Outdoor LED Flood Lights for Security Lighting

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