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    1. Dear Lee Fletcher,

      The difference between the 5050 and 3528 leds is the size, the 5050 led is of 5mm*5mm while the size of 3528 led is 3.5mm*2.8mm.
      Hope this would help.


  1. How do you power controller if you only have 12 volts DC, (Automotive) I do not want the 110 to 12 volt power source. Do they make a cable to just got from 12 DC to controller?

  2. On the remote there is a DIY1, DIY2, etc. Is there a way to program it to fade/transition from one color to another? The manual doesnt go into any detail

  3. I have an application that all I want is red or green to light up and I would like to make it as simple as possible can it plug the red and green and a ground and put power to the color I need with out the controller or the remote control?

  4. Can’t get the digital controller to work. The battery is in (the plastic sleeve is out) but I cannot get the power to work to test the lights. Help…please

  5. I want to put some rope light up on my ledge in my living room. I need about 15 feet with a remote. Do you have product like this. thank you

  6. I need to install under 4 cabinets, they are all separate cabinets. So what adaptors I should use. 2cabinets are 36″, other 2 are 18″ long. I want RGB with remote.

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