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10 FAQs About LE LED Strip Lights

10 FAQs About LE LED Strip Lights


Q1: How can I tell the led of the light is 5050 or 3528 LED strip lights?

A1: The shape of 5050 is square. The length of the side of one square is 5mm.

Q2: Will one remote controller work with three scrolls of strip lights? And how long is the control range?

A2: No. And the control range is eight meters.

Q3: How can I cut and connect the strip light?

A3: Please have a look at these attached pictures below for reference.

cut and connect led strip lights

connect lighting ever strip lighting

Q4: Can the low voltage strip light be connected with computer?

A4: No, the voltage of the USB output of computer is 3.7V~5V. The strip won’t start with it.

Q5: Will two scrolls of low voltage strip lights work if they were connected by series connection?

A5: No. But if you cut one low voltage strip light to multiple sections, these sections will work by series connection. Because each low voltage strips lights is five meters. And please do remember all low voltage strip lights which are more than five meters long only work by parallel connection, not series connection.

Q6: How can I connect two or more strips light by parallel connection?

A6: As the case, to connect two or more strips, the strips should be in parallel connection instead of series connection. If the customer wants to connect the strips with one power adapter, The power(Watt)of the power adapter should be no less than the total power(Watt)of the strips. Meanwhile, the power adapter should have multi DC ports to connect the strips. For example, if the customer wants to connect 3 strips, each strip is about 24 Watt, he should buy a power adapter which is over 72 Watt and has 3 DC ports to connect the strips. For more information, please find the attached screenshot below.

Q7: How can I tell the strip light received is daylight white (DW) or warm white (WW)?

A7: The colloid of DW strips is yellow. The colloid of WW strips is orange.

Q8: Is the power supply controlled by high current short duty cycle switching?

A80: Yes.

connect led strip lights

Q9: What is the peak current of our 12V strip light?

A9: Not more than 1000mA, usually about 700mA.

Q10: What are the 16 colors?

A9: Red, green, blue, white together with 4 bluish colors, 4 reddish colors and 4 greenish colors

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